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Vinyl Adhesive 4 Fl. Oz. & 2 Patches

Vinyl Adhesive 4 Fl. Oz. & 2 Patches

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Adhesive vinyl glue with 2 clear vinyl patches (22" X 5.5" each). For bonding and mending vinyl plastics such as pool liners or floaties. 

General Instructions:

  • Clean surface area thoroughly.
  • Cut the patch with rounded edges and larger than the area being repaired.
  • Apply adhesive evenly on the entire patch. 
  • Out of water apply a patch to the damaged area and be sure to press out all the air bubbles if possible apply with weight to the patch and allow 24 hours for adhesive to bind completely. 
  • Underwater fold patch over upon itself. Keep patch folded until you reach the area to be patched then open patch and apply immediately. Be sure to squeeze out all excess air and water bubbles and apply weight if possible. Then wait 24 hours for the adhesive to bind completely.