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How to Winterize a Hot Tub

Step by step general instructions to winterize your hot tub over the winter months:

1. Start out by cleaning the cartridges using a pouch of spa filter brite. Soak them for 6 hours in the solution with 20 Liters of water. Once done, make sure to rinse and store them to dry.

2. Prior to draining the spa, remove accessories and open all jets in the tub. Pour the spa pipe cleaner of choice in and allow the product to circulate for the manufacture recommended period of time before draining. To prevent extra foaming, we recommend having the air valves off.

3. (Environmental Recommendation) Add Spa Nature to the water and let it circulate for an hour to neutralize chemicals and reduce the environmental impact while draining.

4. Shut off your GFCI

5. Drain the spa and wipe the tub down as the water lowers. Use either spa drain plug or a sub pump to remove water.

6. (Optional) Partially refill and drain back down hot tub to give it an extra rinse and remove any debris that was left in plumbing.

7. (Optional) Unscrew the jets and soak them for 8 to 12 hours in a solution made up of water and pipe-cleaner; store them.

8. Clean the acrylic surface using the acrylic cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

9. Use a "Shop Vac" type wet/dry vacuum on each jet to remove the water lodged there.

10. Remove cushions and other accessories, and clean with cleaner.

11. Clean the cover using the optimum cover cleaner or swirl spray. 

12. Using the vacuum hose or a funnel, pour the contents of 3 bottles of HIBERNATE SPA ANTIFREEZE in each jet. 

13. Drain out water from the pump and control box and add HIBERNATE SPA ANTIFREEZE to the equipment before reconnecting.

14. For cover support, place a Styrofoam block at the bottom of the spa or a piece of plywood on the top of the spa to prevent the cover from collapsing under the weight of the snow.

15. Place a protective tarp over the cover to protect it and secure it with straps or weights.

16. Take all chemicals and loose accessories inside.

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